Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Last 3 Weeks

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hi Mom!

I'm doing pretty good.  This week was kind of weird.  We had the broadcast and other things like that so we didn't necessarily get a full week of teaching in.  We did get to teach J and A various times in the week. They are rolling. We think the date for A has fallen or is going to fall, but we kind of expected that.  We just barely got them to let us in and they are interested.  His wife knows the gospel is true but when her dad died members kind of offended her so she is pretty sensitive.  We do have scheduled appointments with them. The thing his their Aunt is an evangelista or evengelist, I think is what it is in English, and she is basically a missionary.  We went over there  for one of our lessons and she was there.  She never gave us a chance to talk.  It was kind of weird, she kept on touching me as she talked.  Elder Romero made me sit by her. haha   It's frustrating because they are in love with her so it's hard to teach them but they are receptive and they want our help.  They feel the spirit with us and they respect us a lot.  It's cool, Mom, we just help people see the light and it's really awesome. We have reactivated the whole ward basically and the bishop is happy with us for that.  It's been really cool.  (I remember when Hayden first got to this area he said there were only a handful of people that attended church.  Now the congregation is full.  They have done good things!)

(We had to laugh at these pictures because of where Hayden's head is and the top of the entry and window.) 

M is the grandson of M (the friend of B) and they were all out on the street and M was lassoing and we stopped to talk to them.  Romero tried it because he used to know how to before the mission because his dad is a ranchero and then it was my turn.  

The blog is awesome as usual.  Grandpa and Grandma are funny.  They said I look like George Strait haha. 
This is why his grandparents said he looks like George Strait. haha
I played the guitar for the first time on my mission and oh wow it felt so good.  I have missed it so much!  I have missed music so much!!! 

J is the boy and A is the husband of a hermana that says that the church here isn't as good as in the states because in the states we are diligent and here everyone is lazy.  That's why they don't get good stuff here.  It's kind of funny but has truth to it, unfortunately.

Their inner nacho libre?


He's still got it. haha

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hi Mom,

I've been alright. This week wasn't the best but we are starting a new one so it's cool.  Elder Romero and I are exited for it to start. haha  It was just a hard week. Sometimes there are just weeks like that. 

We went to Subway.  We were going to go to a store that sells really cool t-shirts but it was closed.

(I didn't get much out of him today.  It was obvious he was down and had a really rough week.)

Mission selfie.

February 13, 2017

Hey Mom!

The start of this week was scary. We thought our baptism with A was going to fall through. It's funny because his wife is super controlling and so when we talk to her we get her side of the story.  A was super busy so we couldn't finish teaching with him.  We stopped by to find him and we told his wife that we can't baptize him because we haven't finished the teaching.  She told us a bunch of stuff like he was going to get offended and 30 minutes later he called and told us that he was good to move the date. I then told Romero that we are only going to talk to him for information.  We then went and had a sit down with A.  We brought Allen with us, a Priest in the ward who is hilarious. We had an intense talk with A and told him that he had to come to church and everything. He was cool.  He told us that he knows the church is true and he wants to bring his parents.  It was cool, really cool. hard to explain but cool. So we set up his baptism for this week and he came to church by himself with out his family, it was awesome.  He's going to be baptized this week. 

It's been cool.  I have been getting better at everything.  Elder Romero has been commenting on my Spanish.  He told me it's better than President's and both of the AP's.  The only thing I lack is confidence.  In the lesson with A I did lots of things that made it seem as if i had a year under my belt, or so says Romero.  I still lack confidence but I'm working hard. 

It was cool, we had interviews with president this week after Zone Conference.  I couldn't speak English to President, I kept on breaking out into Spanish.  I forgot how to pray in English. haha (His emails are getting harder and harder to understand.)

Also J is going to get baptized this week.  The Bishop interviewed his dad and he said his dad can baptize him.  We are super super excited.  The hermana conchita is the Primary President and she has been helping us out a ton there, it's awesome.  

I tried not to be alarmed by the barbed wire along the top of the fence.
The other day we were walking and we passed some drunks.  I was like Elder Romero lets go over here but he didn't hear me and kept on walking.  They stopped me and asked about Trump.  I got mad and was like look I don't know anything.  Then Elder Romero started to talk to them.  I got frustrated. haha  They were kind of picking a fight with me, but it's cool.  Right after that we went to see the C family at their store.  All of the kids where in the store, there was like 20 of them.  They are all super cool, they loved us and force fed us pizza.  Romero told them about the drunks who tried to fight me. A was funny, he told me swear words to tell them then gave me a fake gun.  It was funny and cool, there were a ton of people in the store. The next day in church one of the boys who is 11 years old came to church by himself!!  It was sweet.  We had 4 investigators in church Sunday.  Oh yeah, and 15 minutes before church the First Counselor of the Bishopric called me and asked if one of us could give a talk for 10 minutes.  I went and told Elder Romero thinking he would say he would do it, but then he was like naw you do it.  So I did it.  We headed over to church and during Sacrament I found a few scriptures to use.  I was the concluding speaker and actually ended up talking for 15 minutes.  I was happy.  I was like wow, did I just do that?  It was cool pretty cool stuff.

Tell Mr. Morales he is awesome. 

I miss you, Mom, a lot.  I hope everything is ok.  I'm doing pretty good. Talk to you later.

Where's Waldo? haha

This is a picture that Sister Williamson posted on the mission FB page from their Zone Conference last week.  We have yet to see a picture where Hayden is not a head taller than everyone else.  haha

Thank you so very much for the love and support everyone has given to Hayden.  His Birthday is this week on Wednesday (the 22nd).  If you would like to leave a comment below wishing him a Happy Birthday he would love it.  He will see them on Monday.  We love you all!!!