Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mission Home Bound

On Monday Hayden left the Missionary Training Center in Mexico City and took a 3 hour bus ride (with 9 other missionaries) to the Mission Home in Queretaro where he met his Mission President and was assigned to the area where he will begin his work.  Monday afternoon I received this email.

Hey Mom, 

I made it.  It's awesome here.  I'll give you more info later today.  My area is 30 minutes away.  We will email later tonight.  Keep on checking your email. 

Love you mom. 

Elder Bush

As instructed, I kept on checking my email....about every 30 seconds until I went to bed and NOTHING!!!  As soon as I got up Tuesday morning I picked up where I left off the night before checking.  Mid morning we received this email from his Mission President's wife. 

Dear Brother and Sister Bush,

I am writing to tell you that your son, Elder Bush, has arrived safely to the mission field. We are so thrilled to have him serving in our mission. Elder Bush will be serving in the city of Celaya with Elder Rowley.  Celaya is a great place, has wonderful church leadership and also, one of the counselors in the mission presidency lives in Celaya. (Side note: he runs a Caramel sauce factory and it is the best thing you will ever taste!)
Elder Rowley has been having lots of wonderful things happen in the area and so Elder Bush will find missionary work to be busy and fulfilling.
We are so grateful for his enthusiasm, his worthiness and his willingness to serve. It was like a new clean refreshing breeze when we welcomed these wonderful missionaries yesterday. So great!
Because Elder Bush went on a bus to his area, I don't have a picture of him and his companion but will forward that along as soon as I see them.
Thanks you again for your wonderful son.

President and Sister Williamson

That face!!!  His great big beaming smile brought tears to my eyes.  

Tuesday night we still hadn't heard from Hayden and Joe thought I should email Sister Williamson back to make sure everything was ok.  Not hearing from him was a little out of character.  I emailed her back and Wednesday morning we received this email from her.

Sister Bush,

I thought we gave each missionary a chance to write before they left for their areas. However, some thought they might have time to do so when they arrived at the new area. Maybe this was the case and then he didn't have the opportunity. Nonetheless, you should hear from him on Monday. In the meantime, I just talked to his companion this morning and asked how Elder Bush was doing and I think his exact words were, "He is awesome! He is going to be a fantastic missionary and we are doing great together." I´m sorry you haven´t heard from him  because I told them all they needed to write and let their parents know they were here. (being a mom myself, I think this is a first priority . . . or at least should be). Anyway, don´t worry. He is doing well and is with a companion who played basketball for Lehi High so my husband said they would most likely beat any other companionship in a two on two game.:) We are truly so happy to have him here. I´ll give him a little ´what for´ so you will be sure to get an email on Monday:)

Sister Williamson

As soon as I read that his companion played basketball too I pretty much lost it.  What a tender mercy to have that connection with a great companion as he begins his service.  We can hardly wait for Monday!  

I have had many people ask about emailing Hayden.  Yes, please do!!!  He would love to hear from you.  His email address is in the header of the blog.  Also feel free to leave a comment for him, he reads the blog.  I think I fixed it so that comments will show up.  If you comment and it does not show please let me know.  Thank you for your love and support for Hayden!!!  

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 4 - The CCM

 How are you doing, Mom?  Yes, I got your package, I thought it was awesome!¡!¡!¡!¡!  Thank you so much for all of the junk food, it's been nice. haha  Ya, that Sister is super cute.  She wrote me a message on there that roughly translates in English to "Your parents love you so much and wanted you to have a happy moment."  I feel so cool because everything is in Spanish and I can understand it haha.   The brownies were delicious!  Everyone loved me because I shared.  Thank you so much for the package, Mom, it was really amazing.

I love talking to Latino missionaries because I can understand them and speak back pretty good.  I love learning Spanish.  

Elder Rusch is awesome. I think he is doing pretty good.  Gosh!  The power shut off again!!  Luckily this draft saved.  Sorry its taking a long time.  We play frisbee a lot and our District is undefeated!!!!!!  This week is going to be sad because one of the Districts in our Zone is leaving after Sunday.  We are sad because we got pretty close with them and they have been here ever since we got here.  We always play frisbee with them.  They are a bunch of funny people too.  They are hilarious. They wore all black to one of our frisbee matches because they were going to "the funeral of our winning streak". lol  They are hilarious!

Elder Bush and Elder Rusch
Anything else specific you want me to answer?  Oh ya, by the way, my next p-day is on Wednesday because we have meetings Friday about leaving to the field and stuff.  I'm excited to be in the field, but I'm nervous because I don't feel like I'm ready so I just have to work super hard so that I can be. Things will be ok though.  I'm super excited to meet my Mission President and his family.  They look like they are super awesome.  I'm excited because all of the guys in our District and the other guys going to Queretaro are super close and so it's going be fun riding the bus there with them and everything.

We are only supposed to take pictures on p-day.  My teachers were bums and wouldn't take one but they will take one with us on our last Saturday here.  Here are some of the guys going to Queretaro. Elder Paul didn't want to look short so we tried to make him look taller, that is why he is standing in front of me.

 Me, Elder Paul, Elder Harmon, Elder Fillmore, Elder Carr and Elder Rusch

I love you like crazy, Mom.  Thanks for being a wonderful mother, without you I wouldn't be the person I am.

I love you so much, Mom.  Got to go.  Talk to you more on Wednesday.

The day after Hayden left I was at Walmart.  As I pushed my cart down the main aisle a couple of missionaries passed by me.  Instantly and unexpectedly I was hit with a wave of emotion.  I immediately turned down a side aisle so that I could regain my composure.  Until it was my own son I had not fully comprehended the sacrifice, service, dedication, and love that goes into being a missionary.  Some ask WHY would they do such a thing? 

 I will never be able to pass another missionary and not want to hug them, buy them a meal, or take a picture and send it to their mom.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 3 - The CCM

Hi Mom,

This week was ok, it went by fast.  My Spanish is getting a lot better.  We are getting good at teaching our investigators.  I had a pretty cool experience yesterday.  We had to create our own investigators and we had to play the role of them so I based mine off of (a friend from home).  I started to tear up after they taught me a lesson because I got to see how the gospel can bless his life (and everyone else in the world), not only eternally but also in this worldly life. It was really touching to me and I am now so very grateful for having the gospel in my life.  
I love my teachers, mom.  They are both about 21-25 and they are from here in the Ciudad de Mexico. They have become good friends of mine. Hermano Gonzalez teaches us in the morning and the other day he showed me pictures from his mission.  It really helped me because I was having a bit of a tough time and he showed me pictures of him and his investigator that he is now very good friends with.  It really helped me because it gave me hope and an example of what kind of a missionary to be.  It reminded me of my purpose of being out here too and how it's not one bit for me.  Hermano Vargas teaches us in the afternoon and he is one of the most loving people I have ever met.  I think he is so awesome.  I will get pictures of me with them and send them to you. I have started to really build up a love for the people of Mexico and I'm not even in the field yet.  
Yes, everyone has different p-days.  Doing laundry is nice.  It's pretty easy.  We just have washing machines here.  I usually iron my shirts but if I hang them up right away I don't really need to.  To make them look really sharp I do.  If I am in a hurry I don't.  You really can't tell the difference, this wrinkle free material really works.  (This totally cracked us up!!!)  

I've been getting in shape.  I have been dunking with two hands easily.  I've been feeling more athletic, it's cool. 

We went to immigration today to get our visa info and stuff.  It was interesting and crazy as usual haha.  Our district has 8 Elders and no Hermanas. haha  It's awesome though, we are all pretty close. We always challenge people to play ultimate frisbee and we never lose haha.  My new companion is Elder Paul he is a goof ball, he is awesome.  He is from South Jordan.  I'll send you pictures.  I now room with Elders Paul, Harmon, and Fillmore.  We get crazy sometimes. haha  We are all going to my mission.

Crap!  I forgot to get a picture with Elder Rusch.  I love Elder Rusch, he is awesome!  He really wants to be here.  I hope I get to be his companion in the field.

Wow mom, I just realized I have been out for a month.  I haven't been counting down.  I think you are right about that.  Two years is nothing! Trust me, I'm always with you guys even though I'm not physically with you because I bring you guys with me everywhere I go.  You guys are a huge strength to me.  Gosh, I'm crying and everyone is looking at me weird now.

(I asked Hayden if he needed anything and this was his response.)  I could use some more Nike socks and Shampoo.  haha  Maybe some little treats but I'm pretty good actually.  We have gym time every day and it would be nice if I could have more than 3 pair.  I left my shampoo in my last dorm.  When I went to look for it and asked about it they had no idea.  Costco maybe?  I don't know.  I love you Mom.  I have to go.  You'll figure it out.

They are supposed to take enough toiletries to get them through their stay at the MTC.  Once they get out to their actual missions they then, of course, do their own shopping.  Sending a package that he will actually get is unlikely.  His comment of "You'll figure it out."  means he knows me too well!!! haha There is a Sister in Mexico City who I was told about that will put together a package for you and will either deliver it to the MTC in Mexico City or ship it to their missions in Mexico.   That way it is not going through customs where it can sit forever, have things taken out of it, and can be heavily taxed.  This Sister spent yesterday shopping and taking pictures of the few things I told her he needed and sent them to me to choose from.  She even ordered brownies (his favorite) from a local bakery.  I love modern technology!!!

My favorite quote from this email: "It really helped me because it gave me hope and an example of what kind of a missionary to be.  It reminded me of my purpose of being out here too and how its not one bit for me."