Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 2- The CCM (Missionary Training Center)

A very blurry picture of Mexico City.

The Mexico City Temple.

 Hi Mom, I'm good.  I loved the package, thank you so much.  I wouldn't mind more donuts though.  haha Please write me throughout the week, I get lonely sometimes.   (I used this delivery service and had a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts and Gatorade delivered to him this week.  You can also email letters to them that they will deliver to the MTC for free.  They do daily deliveries.  For those that asked this is how to get him letters throughout the week while he is at the MTC and not just on p-day.)

So yes, I met Elder Rusch and Elder Carr.  They are cool dudes.  I have only talked to them once and I like them a lot.  I'd like to talk to them more but I just haven't seen them.  It was really crazy when Elder Rusch got called up during the devotional.  He was like uhhh ok. It was super cool.  (Elder Rusch's mom and I connected on FB.  Our boys are going to the same mission.  Both of our boys were supposed to leave for the Mexico MTC on the same day but Elder Rusch had flight problems and ended up leaving the following day.  We have been trying to get them to meet.  The speaker at the devotional Tuesday night was the area General Authority and his wife.  Elder Rusch's Uncle served a mission in Mexico 50 years ago.  One of the people he shared the gospel with was the wife of this General Authority.  When she spoke at the devotional she called Elder Rusch to the podium and shared her story when his Uncle had served his mission.  Elder Rusch was totally surprised.  When she finished her husband then told the other 600 missionaries that there are no coincidences, that for 50 years the Lord has known that today, August 23, a young man, Elder Rusch, would be in this devotional and He would meet who his Uncle had taught the gospel.  The General Authority went on to say that he was assigned to participate in the devotional on October 4, but for some reason there was a change and they asked him to come August 23.  If the change had not happened he would not have met Elder Rusch.  He ended but saying, "Coincidence?  No!  The Lord knows all things.")

Our Branch President said something cool the other day that I really related to.  In Spanish dios means God and coincidencia means coincidence.  He said sometimes there are diosdencias.  I was totally like, yes, that is why I am a District Leader.  It's not a coincidence it is a diosdencia.

Our daily schedule is we wake up at 6:30 and do personal study for an hour and then breakfast. We have classes for three hours and then lunch and an hour of gym time.  I play basketball with some competitive players so it's fun.  I've been working out every day.  It is really nice to get back into shape.  It feels good.  Then we have 4 more hours of classes and then dinner.  Then we language study until 9:30.  I'm getting good at Spanish.  I'm probably the best in my District.

The Latinos are crazy.  An Elder ate a lime with hot sauce on it and they went crazy.  They keep on asking me if I am related to President Bush.  It's funny.  I'm like how do you guys even know who that is? haha

I don't like my dorm room.  Something about it just bugs me. Just the vibe it gives off.  Maybe just because it's not very homey.

I love you so much mom.  The days are long but it's weird because it's like it's already Friday?  I love our two teachers dearly.  They are super super loving and try to help as much as they can.  They are like 25.  They are so funny, all of the Latinos are.

Please write me letters.  I will send you better pictures next week.  Love you guys so much.

Elder Bush

The first couple of days after Hayden left were extremely hard.  I don't know how else to explain it other than my heart HURT.  A hurt I have never felt before.  The thought of him being gone for 2 years seemed like eternity.  The thought of counting down to his return only made that eternity seem that much longer.  It just didn't feel right.  A couple of days later I saw another missionary Mom express similar feelings on social media.  She said that her husband suggested they focus on their son's example, and also loose themselves in service.  They took down the countdown to his mission and replaced it with this quote:

This had an enormous impact on me.  Hayden is scheduled to leave the Missionary Training Center on September 19 and will begin his work teaching the people of Mexico about our Savior Jesus Christ.  As I focus on his example and think of all the lives he will change, the love he has to give, and the impact he will have, 2  years is nothing.   I can hardly wait to hear the stories and experiences he will have to share.

I think I fixed the settings so you can leave a comment below.  If you would like to please leave a comment, Hayden will love it!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week 1 - The CCM (Missionary Training Center)

We were able to email back and forth with Hayden for about an hour yesterday.  It was GLORIOUS!  He is doing so well and just loves it there.  He loves learning.   

Hi Mom,

How are you doing Mom?  It has been cool here.  Lots of palm trees.  It is weird to be speaking in English.  My companion is pretty cool.  I was made District Leader which was a huge comfort to me. It was as if the Lord was straight up saying, "See Hayden, see how I have prepared you?"  When I talked to my Branch President about it he said it was interesting I said that because he had felt very strongly about choosing me.  Our Branch President is funny.  He is probably about 35.  He is from here.  He is awesome, I like him a lot.  

Yes Mom, I will answer all of your questions now.  The week is way busy, we have like 15 hour days. We wake up at 6:30 and go non stop until 9:30 at night.  It is cool here.  We learn Spanish because all we do is talk in Spanish.  The second day here we already had to to teach a lesson to an investigator in Spanish!! haha  They just start throwing you into it haha but it's awesome.  The food here is funny haha.  There is a breakfast that we like to call soggy chips. haha  It's basically just chips drenched in hot sauce haha. We have classes all day long, it is insane.  My teachers are awesome and they really love us.  They are two young Mexicans who are like in their mid 20.  They have been really good to me and it is fun to joke around with them.  Yes they give us time to exercise and we go hard. haha But I am out of shape.  I found some good competitive people to play ball with.  I am still really good. haha  I was scared I had lost my talent, but ya I'm still good.  I am definitely out of shape though.  I played two games and I was like, ok I'm done haha.  We literally have no time to study because we go right up until we have to go crawl in bed.  

Go on  because then you can send me letters and I can get them the day you send them.  It's awesome and I would like it because I'm missing you guys.  You can also order me Krispy Cream and I would be very happy if you did haha.  

I can get to know everyone, we talk to everyone.  The Latino missionaries that are here are crazy haha.  Like you go to talk to them to practice and they will be like "soy de Alaska" or something (that means I'm from Alaska) haha.  I think there are about 700 missionaries here. Yes, I have met Elder Carr, kind of.  I haven't really talked to him.  He is in the advanced Spanish classes so he is not in our district, but ya I've seen him and I will talk to him the next time I see him.  I haven't met Elder Rusch yet, but I think he is here now.  

Tell everyone I am sooooooo grateful for their support.  I'll check the blog when I get to the field but for now tell everyone to go ahead and write me. 

I love you so much Mom.


Hayden has been blessed with great leadership skills but he doesn't necessarily like to be the leader.  That is something he learned a great deal of this last year.  That sheds some light on why being made District Leader was a comfort and assuring to him.  

 This picture has significance.  Hayden was so excited to get his name tag.  He asked me multiple times before he left, "when do you think I will get my name tag?"  That was one of the first things he said in his last email, "I got my name tag and it is awesome!"

Thank you so much to everyone for your hugs, cards, messages of every kind, love and support.  We are so grateful and it has helped us get through a long first week of adjusting.  Hayden has felt it and has also expressed his thanks.  We love you!!!    

Sunday, August 14, 2016

He made it!

Hayden left for the Mexico CCM (MTC) this last Tuesday, August 9.  Below is the email we received Tuesday night letting us know he made it.  As he mentions his p-day will be on Fridays so we should hear from him on Friday!

Hey mom,

We are here haha. Sorry about the last email I was not supposed to be emailing you yet  haha. My flights were pretty good. So I flew to Phoenix by myself but it was cool I sat next to a young couple who wished me good luck, it was comforting actually. Then I got to Phoenix and found my gate. The Lord had answered my prayers haha because there were other missionaries there! It was awesome I met Elder Johnson and Elder Fillmore who are going to my same mission!! Eventually like 15 missionaries were gathered at the gate, it was very nice. About ten Elders and five Hermanas. We flew over here and I got everything figured out don't worry about it haha. We all waited for each other and got our baggage the lord helped it get there I'm sure. Mexico City is CRAzy!!! haha It is a culture shock like everyone is on the street trying to sell stuff and the driving is crazy. CRAZYYYYY!! It really makes me appreciate what I had back home. It's very different here. The CMM grounds are awesome and it is a way cool environment. You know I'm having some nerves and getting a little scared but it is something that I'm just going to have to plow through. I love you guys. Oh ya and while I'm here in the CMM my p-days are on Friday. I won't have one this week so I probably wont email you for the rest of this week. I got my name tag, it's awesome. Hey I love you guys tons and I miss you alot but this is an awesome thing I'm doing. Go ahead and start my blog lol and share my email address so I can get emails because I think I'm gonna need all the help I can get. Tell My bros and dad I love them and I love you mom so so much.  Thank you mom you guys are awesome.  Wow I'm gonna stop cuz I'm starting to cry lol.  

Love you guys.