Monday, January 30, 2017

Working Hard is How You Get Things Done!

Hi Mom, 

This week was awesome!!  We have 2 more baptism dates!!!!!!  So now we have 3.  Two of them are solid and the other one we are going to have to work for.  O and B we haven't been able to get a solid sit down with them for a while so nothing new for them.  We have been busy with all of our other work.  We teach a lot of drunks so that's interesting.  I always come away learning more colorful words from those lessons.  We put a baptism date with the husband of the C family.  The muchacha of B, his name is E, left B's house for a while so we haven't seen him but he should return this week.  He is awesome, he's our buddy.  

This whole week was awesome, we put 2 baptism dates in one week. It really proves that just working hard is how you get things done.  It's interesting because it felt like we were working for nothing, we couldn't find results.  I think it was just a little bit of a testing point.  We improved lots of things, worked hard, and just kept on pushing.  I think the Lord was like, ok they really are here to serve me, so he lead us to the people that are prepared to receive the gospel. 

Wow, ya, I don't know what I want.  You know I'm not good about picking stuff out.  There isn't anything that I really need.  I'll try to think of something this next week and let you know.  You are pretty good at picking things out for me. haha  You know me, I love you, Mom. (This is in reference to his Birthday on February 22.)

I have pictures.  There are a few of Elder R and a boy named M teaching me how to lasso, it was cool haha  Today we went and played basketball and then went to Pizza Hut with a bunch of Elders.  It was fun.  

P-day lunch at Pizza Hut

I just heard about the conference for the first time today.  Wow that's crazy about Rudy, Mom, of course I remember what Rudy is.  haha  That's insane and cool. (This is in reference to the real life Rudy joining the church recently.  The movie is a favorite.)  That's awesome about your cruise, it sounds like you guys had a blast.

Love you, Mom.  We have to go now.  I hope everything is good.  Love you so much, Mom.  Tell everyone I love them.

Elder Bush 

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