Monday, March 20, 2017

Loving Leon

Monday, March 6, 2017

Wow!  Hey Mom, this week has been awesome and crazy.  The two Martinez are hilarious!  We have had a good time and we have had some really awesome lessons.  We have been working in both of our areas.  Our area is humongous, we take so many buses.  Leon is awesome!  Our house is pretty cool I guess.  It's simple, but it gets the job done.  Everything has been smooth here in Leon.  I have been learning a lot, it's been awesome!  The spirit has been strong recently.  I talked with a cholo (A cholo is a gangster) today it was an experience. haha  It was funny, he was drunk.  We were at a bus stop and he started talking to us.  I don't want to tell you what he was saying to us. haha

I just barely got the package, it is awesome!!!  Debbie Arbon you are  the best person in the world!! Second to my Mom, of course.  Thank you so much to you and all of  those that contributed!!!

We have had some really cool lessons.  We were teaching one of Elder Martinez investigators.  He is 18 and he's super cool.  We were teaching him the restoration and  everything was going great.  I was super proud of how I taught as well.  We got to the point about where Joseph Smith read James and decided to pray.  He said, well ya, I have thought the same.  Why are there so many churches?  We asked him if you want to find out if what we are telling you is true, that Joseph Smith really did restore the church?  He was like, well ya, and we were like well let's do what he did.  Will you pray and ask the Lord right now?  So we did.  We all knelt down and Ivan (the investigator) said the prayer.  It was super cool.  The spirit was overwhelming.  He was beaming.  He was like, wow I have never felt like this before.  We showed him in the scriptures that what he was feeling was the spirit.  It was super awesome.

Gotta go.  Love you Mom!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Hey Mom, how are you doing?  This week was sweet.  hmmmmm stories.  I don't know, everyday we just go out and work and work and come home tired haha  (He was really tired last week.  It was hard getting anything out of him.  Yes, missionary work, is HARD work!)  My area is huggeeeeee.  We take a bus to a bus station to take a bus everyday.  We still walk a lot too. Probably more than in Celaya.   

Sorry, mom.  I'm good, I'm tired. haha  It's been awesome.  We reactivated two familias this week. This was my first time going to the church because the last week was Stake Conference.  It was super awesome.  We had some powerful lessons.  We should be able to baptize.  Something cool, we went to contact a reference of a teenage girl.   Her mom answered the door and she asked us why we wanted to talk to her.  She was super cool.  She was like well ya I want your help because she has noticed that God helps out families, so we are going to return.  She was super nice and well it was cool.

Another story, we were teaching a lady whose husband is a member.  It was super cool, we were talking about baptism and we explained why she needed to be baptized and she was like, wow, it all makes sense.  The Catholics are wrong.  haha  This next lesson with her we are going to set a date.  We also have like 4 kids that we should baptize, it's awesome.

Elder Martinez is awesome!  We went to the centro to buy him some shoes and stuff.  We looked at the Nike store but it's super expensive.  It's better that we buy fake things haha.  Can you send me another pair of jeans?  I asked at the tiangius and they just laughed in my face. (Apparently they don't have size 34/36 in Mexico. haha) 

Gotta go Mom.  Love you guys so so much!

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